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We believe in helping students of color not only navigate life at JMU, but also life after JMU through MENTORSHIP and EMPLOYMENT opportunities!

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Employment Opportunities: About Us

Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources,
Finance/Banking, and more!

We have partnered with over 10 companies and counting to provide JMU students of color career exposure and follow-on opportunities in a variety of fields.

  • New in 2022 - ERP International & CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

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Business Colleagues


Interested in applying for an employment opportunity?

Step 1: Get Ready!

Explore the Sponsor fact sheets and identify which positions you are interested in exploring

Step 2: Get Set!

Fill out the Employment Interest Form below.  This will help the OSASG team track your interest and answer any additional questions you have regarding the position(s) you are interested in.  

Step 3: Go!

A member of OSASG will follow-up with you and assist in the initial connection with the employer.

For questions, please contact the intern coordinators - Charles May at

or Nora Crouch

Employment Opportunities: Text
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